Trailhead Whiskey

Trailhead Whiskey

The Trailhead is a very small batch of American Single Malt whiskey. Only two casks were used to make this bottling, yielding a mere 850 bottles. One PX cask was filled with 4yo unpeated whiskey, while the other was filled with 4yo peated malt whiskey. After one year of maturation in wine casks, the whiskeys were married, then proofed with our local spring water to 52.5% abv.

Nose: Big aromas of darkly caramelized sugar, bordering molasses, almost walnut in the woodiness, a touch of sweet pipe tobacco, with baked banana as as undertone.

Palate: A touch of tartness on the tip of the palate that is quickly overtaken by the overall savory-ness and lovely, leather-like character of this whiskey.

Finish: Bright, fresh air, like chewing spruce tips, ideas of menthol permeate.

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